This works for the stuff you make, too!  It's easy!

Washing Yarns

All of the Wheely Wooly Farm yarns have already been through several washings before they are available for sale.  Washing your yarns before or after being made into garments is easy!  Here's how:

1.  Fill a container designated for yarns only with luke warm water.  We like colored dishpans.

2.  Add soap.  Do not use laundry detergents.  Our favorite soap to use is inexpensive hair care products with lavender scents.

3.  Lay yarns or garment(s) into water, gently press down.  Leave to soak up to half an hour, while you do something else.  This is a great time to knit!

4.  Fill a second container designated for yarns only with clean luke warm water.  Lift items out of soapy water while supporting them with your hands.  Gently squeeze out some of the soapy water, then lay the items into the rinse water, press down once or twice.  Leave to soak up to half an hour while you do something else! 

5.  Lift items out of rinse water, gently squeeze out excess water, lay flat to dry on cushy towel if item is big or stretchy.  If small (hats, socks, mittens, etc.), clip them up to dry, or lay over a towel bar or drying rack...they'll be absolutely fine.)  For large items, straighten and neaten to look the way you want while it's laying flat.

That's it!  Washing your yarns/garments is easy!  

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