Who's Swifty?

Wheely Wooly Farm's sheep dog, Swifty

We know this isn't about yarn, but the question came up lately...who's Swifty? Swifty is a farm dog who helps make your very pretty projects possible. Sailing like the wind, he sweeps around the sheep and keeps them together and in line. He's a Border Collie, and is about eight years old. Notice his one ear is up...always listening? He works very hard for you and me, and loves his job! What would we do without him? Every skein of yarn sold helps to support him and his breed, doing what they have so skillfully been bred to do. Dogs like this are spread throughout the world, quietly working sheep every day. He, too, thanks you for your support for without it he couldn't have a farm, a flock, or pastures to work, all things dogs like him dream of.

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Wheely Wooly Farm has an amazing crew. We can catch lambs (NOT easy! lol), throw endless bales of hay, fix stuff, shear sheep, hit the road with our booth, and have good laughs with you, our customer