Who knits when it's hot?

Misty's Strawberry Lemonade Wheelspun Yarn

Heat wave coming! One of the frequent questions we hear at the market is "How can I knit/crochet when it's so hot?"

Let's re-phrase that...."It's hot...there is a good excuse to knit!"

Nearly everyone loves chili. When cold air descends upon us, chili is perfect. Chili is made from summer vegetables...tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. Chili is made from things that grow in summer. It takes all summer to prepare that scrumptious winter treat. The same is true of the luxurious warmth and comfort 100% Wheelspun Wool Yarn garments provide when cold air blasts us. It takes summer prep time to gain that especially satisfying feeling that comes from knitting in the summer!

Whether you are splashing around in the lake or picnic-ing in the park over next week's holiday, be sure to pack your knitting or crochet! Nothing is more relaxing than pulling out a pleasing project and working in the shade or other cool place to build your winter comfort! Toes in the sand? Knit one, purl one! Sitting by the campfire? Knit two, yarn over, knit two together! Hanging out in the boat? sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc every other stitch across the row! Building your winter comfort or gifts over summer is not only relaxing, but provides for special memories of the making. Then, when the snow begins to fall, you can look forward to taking out your comfy new garments and reminiscing the beautiful hot days of summer. And you thought the garment was the only joy? Don't forget the fun memories of the making!

When summer begins to sizzle, pull out your project bag, put your feet up and enjoy getting prepared for the future! You'll be so glad you did!

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