While We're Waiting...

What a beautiful lamb!

While we're waiting for Wheely Wooly Farm to be on the road once again selling our 100% Wheelspun Yarn, we thought we'd introduce you to some new sheep that you haven't seen before. Meet Daffodil! She's such a pretty lamb in this picture, don't you think? She is all grown up now and looks a little less gangly, but oh, isn't her fleece lovely? So soft and loaded with characteristics unique to her breed, it will make lovely yarn!

Daffodil is just one of a few sheep that will be new to the sales tables in the future. Blackberry is another new sheep you'll see. Both of these girls were born and raised right here on the farm. We are currently working on Blackberry's yarn and we can't wait to get it out to you because it's so pretty! Watch future posts for Blackberry as a lamb, and all grown up.

As a small family farm, there are a lot of things to stay ahead of, so we thank you so much for giving Wheely Wooly Farm a little time off to catch up on that very long to-do list and we apologize for any inconvenience this time away from summer markets may cause! Stay tuned in to learn of any updates as summer moves along!

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