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As winter settles into place over our beautiful Great Lake state, the landscape has become mottled with whites and browns reminiscent of lovely bird feathers or the soft fur of a common rabbit. This is reward time for knitters and crocheters!

Back when summer sweat was rolling down our faces, out came hooks and needles to make just the right thing for the cold. It was hard to imagine back then, just like it's hard to imagine when harvesting tomatoes and peppers out of the garden that steaming chili would be good! It was hard to imagine the sting of cold on finger tips or ears nipped by Jack Frost as we scrape windshields clean. But we all know better. The cold always comes.

Now, we can pull on our rewards! Thick wooly mittens, new headbands and hats, cushy socks to warm the toes, and soft scarves to tuck our chins into when dealing with the car, oh how nice it is to have it all done! This is where Wheelspun Yarn really shines!

You see, the benefit of all the effort is enormous. The yarns are not just pretty to look at, they come with the promise of performance in them. They will work to protect you, keep you warm, and likely healthier. They keep your skin breathing, while holding in the warmth but keeping out the cold. If they get wet with snow, sweat, or slush, they will keep working!

Why would you want anything else? If your car goes off the road and you have to dig out, would you want something that cannot keep you warm when wet? If you sweat while digging, do you want to get chilled from wet clothes? What about shoveling snow off sidewalks...who doesn't sweat? Sweat makes wet, makes cold. Not with wool! Wool will keep performing long after getting wet. Wool comes with hidden benefits you cannot see when looking at it. The benefits are often not realized until the wool is tried. Only then does the hidden value of wool become crystal clear!

Wheely Wooly Farm's 100% Wheelspun Yarns are 100% wool. They will perform for you. It's why we love the slogan "Spinning Style and Performance Together"! Look great, FEEL great! Now that's a Wheely Warm thought!

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