What's Coming Up?

Natural and Dyed Yarns from Wheely Wooly Farm

Several yarns are just about ready for sale from many sheep. Coming up will be 100% Wheelspun Yarns from Dot, Splashlyn, Peppermint, Poppy, Wilbur, and super soft rich moorit you'll love!

The sheep are tired after all that rain. Did you know that sheep are ideal for Wisconsin's climate? With greater periods of drought or heavy rain, and wilder winters with deeper cold or too much snow and ice, professionals in many areas are scrambling to cope with the changes. Landscapes are being replanted, businesses are adjusting, and schools are having to make new emergency plans and policies. Thankfully, sheep fit right in to the wild changes of our climate!

Sheep can handle cold, and heat. Flocks have been known to exist in arid regions of the world going back thousands of years. Yet, sheep have been treasured by those in northerly climates, valued for all they provide humans. Sheep also live in some of the wettest climates on the planet, where 100 inches of rain falls in a normal year. Sheep do it all.

Sheep are valuable for our future no matter what the weather throws at us as people!

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