What makes our farm different?


We get this question every week at the market. What makes your farm different? How is your yarn different? Isn't all yarn the same?

This afternoon we rotated the sheep fence. By moving fence, we give the sheep access to fresh ground that they haven't been on for about a month. The grasses are rich, lush, thick, and the sheep are very excited. While working, we noticed that a couple of birds were nearby, a pair. I watched them a bit, and could quickly see they had a nest on the ground. It was in the area where we had just taken the sheep off! (See the grass stems lopped off by sheep?) Upon closer study of the birds, I came to realize they are bobolinks! Imagine! Bobolinks find our pastures so nice that they chose to make a nest here and raise their young! I could hear the baby birds in the nest. We quietly finished our fence work as fast as we could then left the area to give the birds the peace they need to raise their babies.

Wow! I raced up to the house and got the camera! This is part of what makes our yarns so special! When you work the yarn on your needles or crochet hooks, you can feel really good about what our farm is doing for birds! Bobolinks used to be common. They aren't anymore. Things have been really tough on birds lately. That horrible snowstorm in April took several of our meadowlarks, silencing their song. We miss them so much! So it was especially nice to see this beautiful pair of bobolinks.

There are many things that make our farm and Wheelspun Yarns different, but we thought this one is one you'd enjoy seeing as much as we have.

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