Weekends are great for yarn shopping!

Mary Maple on Wheely Wooly Farm

The changing of the seasons is here in the northern reaches of our nation's heartland prairies. With the first good frost on the pumpkins, and the air quiet of summer bird song, it's time to take out the needles and enjoy good making time.

Saturday morning farm markets are great for yarn shopping. You can look forward to it all during the work week, while taking time to plan the next project. Then when Saturday morning arrives, you can relax and take your time picking out yarn. You can pick up great ideas for meals over the weekend, too! Then with all your goodies in your basket or bag, the rest of the weekend becomes time to relax and make.

Why not find a good window with some autumn glory outside? Settle into a comfy chair, pull out your project and enjoy some peaceful knitting or crochet. What a great way to relax...

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