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Wheely Wooly Farm's 100% Wheelspun Wool Yarns make amazing toys! Cuddly, soft, and easily washable, there are no limits to the creativity! Toys that are about a foot tall, such as bears, giraffes, lions, bunnies, puppies, and kitties etc. are perfect, while toys that are super small, such as those popular in crochet, wouldn't work with our worsted and bulky weight yarns.

Try our bright Pineapple Bulky yarn paired with any of the pumpkins for a super cute tiger, or choose Wilbur's amazing silver for a very realistic looking bunny. The moorits make exceptionally good looking teddy bears!! There are so many things a creative knitter or crocheter could put together, one could spend hours of fun on the topic!

Don't forget embellishments when making toys. First the toy for a child or adults? (Moorit bears and silvery bunnies look very fitting in any knitter or crocheter's home...we are a wee bit guilty of this ourselves!). Based on who the animal is for, add embellishments to the toys. We have available many to choose from (mainly in our market booth) such as pom poms, bows, and wool buttons. They are great enhancements to bring an even more special touch to your project!

After a decade of selling yarn to hundreds of thousands of passersby, we can attest to the appeal of our yarns to children. Our booth is a child magnet. Small children find the yarn very cuddly, colorful, and desirable. You simply can't go wrong with Wheelspun Yarn.

Look for patterns everywhere. Toy patterns have flooded the market for a few years now. Libraries, magazines, books, and online are all ideal places to search. Be careful you are not overwhelmed! Seek a toy that is easy to knit...say on size 5 to 8 needles or a medium sized crochet hook. Seek a toy that is several inches tall, maybe even a foot. These things make construction easier, and it goes quite quickly. Toys are not huge, involved projects that quickly overwhelm, rather, they go fast and bring huge gratification.

What has the head shepherdess of Wheely Wooly Farm made? Bears! We love bears. We make them with yarn that does not pass quality tests for sale. While smaller, mice are fun. We hate mice. We love mice! We've also made toy balls to give as gifts, but have a few laying around the old farmhouse...perfect for cold winter nights when we are just sitting around having a good time! Throwing a toy ball around is fun, and doesn't hurt a thing.

We hope we've inspired you to try your hand at making toys! We know you'll have so much fun that once you make one, you'll want to make more!

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