Time is Flying!

It's hard to believe, but there are only FOUR summer outdoor market days left! Each of those Saturdays are in October. Don't forget that next Saturday (Sept. 29th) is not a normal market week due to Oktoberfest on the Avenue.

As the days grow colder and the autumn winds begin to swirl around, our attention grows even more to the pleasant work of knitting and crocheting. Sitting in a nice place, perhaps near a window with a beautiful tree turning vivid colors outside, and working quietly on something nice to wear, or a special toy for someone you love is such a nice way to pass the time!

Be sure to browse the hundreds of items on our Web Farm Store for ideas. How nice it is that...in our tenth year...we finally have the yarns available for you during this two week lull! No need to worry this year that you'll have to stall on starting your next dream project. In the Web Farm Store, you'll find patterns, needles, cute embellishments to add to just about anything, and lots of beautiful skeins of yarn. Saw something in our booth but can't find it in the Web Farm Store? Just send us an email, and we can surely help you out!

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