The Wilds of Sheep

Wheely Wooly Farm's Miss Treasure

Shetland sheep have the wilds of nature in them, even though they are very sweet sheep. This girl's color comes from...well nobody knows...centuries back to say the least! This we do know. What is so amazing about sheep like this is that they have been with us for a very, very long time. To have one in the pasture is to have the wilds of time right out your door!

Treasure is a purebred Shetland ewe, and a Wooly Bear lamb. Her fiber is becoming less and less common, despite a new wave of introducing colored sheep into American flocks. It is very pleasant to work with and makes beautiful, unique yarn that cannot be duplicated with dyes. The colors are highly variable within the yarn. You'll see black/browns through silvery blue hues to brown/grays and sometimes even soft as a dove gray. Those natural colors are surprisingly harmonious, amazingly beautiful with many other pairings of dyed colors!

If you like Treasure, you'll also like Lil' Rainbow, Dot, Raewyn, and more! You can find these yarns on the tables at the next events we'll be attending! Mark your calendars and come pick up your one of a kind 100% Wheelspun Yarns from Wheely Wooly Farm. Quantities of each sheep are fairly small, as the sheep are small so come early!

Fond du Lac happens first (unless we do an event sooner, we'll post that on our main website page if we do), and is Saturday November 2, 2019 for the Holiday Wonder Art & Craft Expo at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds Recreation Center. If you miss us on Nov. 2nd, you can catch up with us on November 23, 2019 in West Bend, at the Holiday Craft Fair of Washington County. This fun event is HUGE, and is held in the Washington County Fair Park. Both are easy to get to and both are in nice buildings with many other fun things to see! Don't miss it, put these events on your calendar to pick up your yarn!

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