Sweet Tammie

Meet sweet little Tammie. She is named after a type of hat historically made in her 'homeland', which is called a tammie or tammy or tam-o-shanter, amongst other names. This style of hat often incorporates amazing designs that typically show how beautiful natural colors of sheep are. Our little Tammie's color is called 'moorit'. She has a rich chocolatey color to her, even though it doesn't look like it now! Shetland sheep have tips on their fleeces that are often lighter than their yarn looks when finished. These tips are required for the breed, for it is what allowed them to survive 100 inches of rainfall a year without barns or sheds.

Tammie is a young ewe, so she is not burying us in fleece. If you like her color, don't wait. However, we have other moorits available, such as Bobbin. Bobbin and Tammie look a lot alike! Bobbin is shyer. Tammie adored getting her picture taken. After coming back up to the farmhouse and looking over what I got in pictures of the flock, well...lets just say there are way more of Tammie than I realized!

Tammie's yarn is outstandingly pretty with other colors. Black is stunning. Try Tassel, who is Tammie's twin (although his yarn is also low...if you can't get Tassel, try Motif). Aquamarine or any of the pinks are also stunning. But there are many pairings you could do that are very pretty together!

If you like sweet Tammie, you can find her yarn, or that of Bobbin in our booth on market Saturdays, or head over to our Web Farm Store (click on her image above to get there) and purchase it there.

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