Summer Sales

It's here! Yes, summer is finally here, after a long cold spring. This summer marks Wheely Wooly Farm's eleventh sales season already! Things will be a little different for us here at the farm this year. Events have already been booked for the fall, but we've decided to take June, July, and some time in August off of being on the road each week, so that we'll have time to make some changes here at the farm. So we won't be in our normal spot at the Appleton Farm Market, although the market manager was sure to remind us that we are welcome to come later in the season if we can.

Changes take planning and time, so we thank all of you ahead of time for your patience as we work to make improvements (the first of which include fixing the farmhouse roof, and storm damage to siding)! We enjoy being on the road and meeting all of you each's a hard habit to break for a summer so don't be surprised if we pop up at some event before fall! We'll keep posting as summer progresses and we'll be sure to announce where we'll be if we do an event!

We will miss you all this summer! Thank you again for your patience. It won't be long before fall is here, and we'll be back in full swing!

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