Sad or Bad Day?

100% Wheelspun Yarn in Country Apple Green

Having a sad or bad day? Feeling down about something? Are worries or anxieties crossing your mind too often? If so, you need your knitting and crochet!

Did you know that the very making of anything in the knit stitch can lift your mood and help you feel better? The process of making stitches in either knit or crochet can help you relax, sort out your thoughts and help you push those worries aside. Many studies have shown that knit and crochet can elevate your mood, help you solve problems in other areas, and help you feel happier.

When you make something with yarn, you not only gain relaxing quiet time, but also a way to deal with emotions during sad times or bad days. The bonus? You get a great garment to wear, too!

Enjoy the feeling of 100% Wheelspun Yarn in your hands and lift your mood! Just like the expression "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", pick up some Country Apple Green yarn today and brighten your next knitting project! To find Country Apple Green, simply click on our farm store link below, hover over 'By Color' to see the color families, then click on 'Green Yarns'. Here you will find all the sheep who currently have Country Apple Green Wheelspun Yarn available.

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