Pretty Yarns!

Poppy and Misty's Yarns Together

Poppy's Aquamarine and Misty's Strawberry Lemonade are striking together! You can find them in our store, on our website. There is plenty of yarn in this package of four skeins to make a good spring project, and what a feast to set eyes on after the rain and mud of March!

Is the shepherdess knitting? As always, yes! I'm making a sweater for the colder events we travel to. It's a Yankee Knitter design, with sheep on it. I'm just working up the back. It has 'lice' in, no, not the creatures, but pretty little white v's in it embedded into the main color. It's fun and easy to do! When it's pouring outside and the ground is glop, knitting, or crocheting, is the perfect way to spend a little quiet time.

We hope all of you are staying safe at home and adapting to the new routines!

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