Pretty Penny

Wheely Wooly Farm's Pretty Penny

Isn't Penny a pretty girl? She is very sweet. Our foundation sheep were carefully hand selected for qualities in their fiber that we love. Penny was born here, out of those careful selections. Her 'Grandmother ' is Claire, a wildly popular sheep! Her 'Mother' is Posie, Claire's lamb, and last year's top selling sheep.

Penny's 100% Wheelspun Yarn is soft and very popular. Some skeins are left their natural color as she blends so prettily with any other color. Other skeins are dyed cheerful colors suitable for all sorts of projects and come with names such as 'Strawberries, Blue Frost, Glacier, and Country Green Apple.

Head over to the Web Farm Store to shop Penny's Yarns, or pick some up at the market this weekend to start enjoying Penny in your next project!

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