Pretty Buttons!

Can you believe there are only seven weeks of market Saturdays left? That's right, only three this month (don't forget that September 29th is Octoberfest, not a normal market day), and four in October. Not much time left to plan and pick up yarn, if you love shopping all the pretty colors in the farm booth!

Meanwhile, the buttons have finally made it to our Web Farm Store! To shop the buttons, click on the link to our store either at the bottom of this page, or any pink button, hover over the More! menu to see Buttons, click on Buttons. There you will see what's in the store today. Click on an image to read more and add buttons to your cart.

How can the buttons be used? Oh, there are so many fun things to do with them! It's a shame to just (lol) put them on a sweater. Imbed them in the center of a Flora From Fauna flower and attach them to anything, or use them on scarves and wraps for a special effect. You can even add them to any stuffed bear. Bears love wool!

Each button comes with ties at the back for easy attachment. Simply pull each tie through the eye of a yarn needle and pull through fabric, tying off. Done!

Add pretty wool buttons to your projects and enjoy the fun sheep can bring to your life!

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