Poppy's Country Apple Red

Wheely Wooly Farm is pleased to bring you more Poppy! This ewe sells out faster than we can make more, so it took awhile but it's finally here. We haven't gotten all the skeins in the web farm store yet, but you can pick them up at the market in the meantime. If coming to market doesn't work, just email.

Soft, with very nice workability on needles or crochet hooks, Poppy is well suited for any type of project. Her yarn is brightly colored, but natural is also available in limited quantity. If you like working with seasonal colors, or are looking for something bright to go with a duller winter coat color, Poppy is a great pick. Her yarns are also really cute in baby sweaters, toys, or hats!

Pick out your Poppy colors and enjoy what 100% Wheelspun Yarn can do for your projects!

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