Poppy & Periwinkle

Two Very Pretty Ewes!

Pop-up Poppy. That's how Poppy got her name. Isn't she pretty? Aren't they both?

Poppy's mother was Claire, a tremendously popular seller of Wheelspun Yarn. The wintery day Poppy was born is one the shepherds here on the farm will never, ever forget! We had never seen, and have not seen since, what happened the day Poppy was born!

Claire had already had Posie a year earlier. The next time around, we put Claire in with a stunningly handsome pure Shetland ram, Lerwick. Lerwick was chosen not only for his awesome qualities as a Shetland, but also his amazingly dense fleece of amazing staple length and softness, with wave to it that is currently not fully understood by science.

The day Claire had Poppy was very cold, dark, and snow was blowing around. The sheep were in the barn, out of the wind to ensure high lamb survival. The very moment Poppy's little hooves hit the ground, she was up...we think she may have even been born with her hooves ready for the soil! Then, she proceeded to walk all the way across the pen!!! This is not normal!! It takes a little time for a lamb to realize they are not in the womb...that they need to get up and find food. Then there's that little detail of getting those long, long, long things to work the way you think they should! Lambs take a little time to figure out how to get those loonnnnngggg legs to work. Not Poppy! She literally popped up, made her legs work to the best of her ability, and took off! What amazed us even more, is how all the other sheep in the pen reacted. One by one by one, they backed up and parted the way for her, this little lamb all white and legs, at times dragging her back end when she couldn't figure out how to get those legs to cooperate! One by one by one, the ewes turned rears away, and gently made a safe passage for this endearing little lamb! A long line formed on each side of the lamb, as she continued to wobble her way to...somewhere! No idea where...just going! Dozens of ewes lowered their heads gently and carefully didn't move once the path was opened up for this little lamb. Everyone knew this lamb was special!

Claire was a great mom. Unafraid somehow, she gently followed her little lamb, where ever they were going! She gently called out to Poppy, and Poppy called back, but didn't LOOK back, or slow down! It was an amazing moment of vigor, love, and strength.

None of us will ever forget that sight of love or of all the ewes gently parting a long path across our 100 foot barn for this little lamb to safely explore! We hope you've enjoyed reading a little about Poppy! She is one of many great sheep on this farm!

Periwinkle, by the way, has her own book of stories! She is a twin (who is a ram), born to Phloxie. They were perhaps the funniest lambs we've ever had on the farm, and that's saying something as all lambs are very delightful and funny! Pomegranite and Periwinkle made us laugh so hard we....well....we'll let you imagine! The work is hard on a sheep farm, but what better thing on a dreadful winter day when spring seems so far away, to be splitting your sides open with laughter? That's what sheep do! Sheep are amazing creatures and we feel our lives have been enormously enriched by knowing them.

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