Planning Time

More snow and cold is on it's way here in Wisconsin. That means happy knitters and crocheters! Put on some good background music, get out the needles and enjoy holiday prep time! What? You don't have a Wheely Wooly Farm mug for your toasty drink nearby? Oh no!

Planning time here can be defined as that special time between work, home, driving around, and all the stuff we all do everyday. It's the time each day when we can be alone with our thoughts and projects.

So how long does it take to make things everyone wants to wear? The fastest would be wrist warmers. Figure 1-2 days. Mittens? Figure 2-3 days. Socks, about 2-5 days for a pair. Scarves? Short ones for tucking into coat collars, plan 1-3 days. Longer ones for wrapping, plan a week or more, depending on how long you want to go. Hats? An easy 1-3 days. What do you want to make? What is the family pleading for? What were the hints that came all summer?

There is plenty of time to make gifts and get them wrapped for Christmas. Visit our Web Farm Store for yarn, needles, patterns, and more. You'll find everything you need there, and a great shipping rate, too! Let it snow...and snow...and snow....

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