Not Going Anywhere

Wheely Wooly Twilight Goes To School

Once upon a time, people took their sheep to school...

Wait! Did you say school? Is that a sheep in a car? Yes, that's baby Twilight looking up at the window, wondering where the green grass is! Twilight visited school children when he was a lamb. It was a great day, for the kids thought he was a puppy. They learned that lambs can jump higher than a puppy, and that wool feels different than fur. We got a lot of questions asking what those funny looking things were on top of his head. And we were asked over and over, 'how come he's not white? Sheep are white! He can't be a sheep, 'cause sheep are white!

It was a great day of learning for a large group of kids who had never been anywhere near a lamb before, and some were "farm kids". Twilight taught them all kinds of new things, and helped them realize that sheep are alive, right here in their community, and available for them to see. What a memory. And now, no more. With Covid-19 ravaging through all states in the U.S., this kind of fun activity is temporarily on hold. Sheep can't go to school, cause kids can't go to school! What a hard time, indeed.

We hope all of you are staying safe at home and finding ways to be strong. If you can, please consider supporting Wheely Wooly Farm so that we can carry the sheep and pretty yarns long into the future. Thank you for your support, for without you, we couldn't continue!

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