New Stuff Added!

Flora From Fauna Violets

Just added a bunch of new things to the Web Farm Store, including these super pretty Flora From Fauna flowers in Violets! These ready-to-attach flowers are super pretty with all kinds of projects and are perfect for the knitter who wants to enhance projects but doesn't know how to crochet. Simply run the long ties at the back of each flower through your work with a yarn needle and tie to secure. Sew easy!

We've also added many new skeins of yarn and more Yankee Knitter Designs patterns. There are lots of pretty yarns to choose from! We are also working on getting yarn amounts into the pattern descriptions so you know how much you'll need. For example, estimate approximately five ounces of yarn for a warm pair of socks to go with the Classic Socks for the Family pattern.

There are some cute poms on the Flora From Fauna page...just for fun! We know some of you don't want to take the time to make them, so we've done it for you! How nice is that? Add these adorable poms to hats, scarves, or even the backs of sock cuffs! The ideas for how to use them are plentiful. We hope you'll enjoy them!

Be sure to check out all the pretty things in our Web Farm Store! Remember, put in the code "FMS" at check out and save!

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