Meet Dot!

Wheely Wooly Farm Dot

Meet Wheely Wooly Farm Dot! She is a purebred Shetland ewe and a Wooly Bear lamb. Sheep are sometimes like people in that you can peg a related line just by certain characteristics. Dot truly carries her sire's bright expression!

Dot would like to greet you in our new online store when it opens (which it isn't yet). Hopefully, you'll find her on the home page, ready to guide you to the beautiful 100% Wheelspun Yarns you'll only find here at Wheely Wooly Farm!

In light of the fact that so many families across the nation will be doing a new form of "homeschool", this experienced homeschool family can offer some helpful tips to help everyone cope with the changes. Should we dub them "Homeschool Heartstrings"? Here's the Homeschool Heartstring for the day: trust yourselves, and your children! Yes, you can do this! Give yourselves time to adjust to the changes. Allow your kids time to read and be absorbed. Give them time to play outside, unstructured. They will be more refreshed and ready to learn. Trust that both you, and the kids will find a comfortable routine, because you will! With the abundant resources for families today, along with the guidance of your school district, and a good helping of self trust that your family can do this, everyone will find a path forward.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates of when you can access the Wheelspun Yarns again! Go ahead and review your patterns and start dreaming about what special project you could make to remember this remarkable time in history. We think any project would be good now, but somehow, making teddy bears or other hug toys seems so fitting in a time like this.

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