Marigolds in Wisconsin

100% Wheelspun Yarn Beatrice's Marigolds

Travel just about anywhere in the lower 48 and you'll likely see marigolds. This flower is so familiar, so always there, so easy to grow that it's easy to take it for granted! It's ruffly form brings such bright color across the country! It can make you feel a little at home no matter where you travel. It's for these reasons that we just had to name a yarn color after this loved plant! Beatrice's yarn is more of the orangy color of the flowers, and quite bright. It's positively perfect for those gray days of winter, when you long to rest your eyes on the warmth of a summer marigold!

The skein above is a near double's huge! It sells for $29.05. Come on down to the market and pick up some 'marigolds' for your next knitting project!

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