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Inspiring Idea Bundles - perfect for the holidays!

Two quick things...first, we have new items in our Web Farm Store! Called Idea Bundles, they are sure to inspire all sorts of great ideas on pretty things you can make with them!

Also, a question we've received recently is do we accept debit cards? Yes, we do! The online store uses the same credit card processor as what we've used at least two summers now at the summer farm market. They handle the the credit or debit thing through the card so its even faster when you pay. In our booth, you just dip your chip card into the reader. In the Web Farm Store, you enter in your card information by hand on the keyboard. In either case, we do not see your card information and it is secure.

More news will be coming shortly, as the farm has been a very busy place lately! In the meantime, check out our new page on our website, then head over to the store and browse all the pretty bundles you won't want to miss!

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