Is there a store on the farm?

We'd like to answer as many questions as possible here on our blog. When the weather gets really hot, we get asked frequently if we have a store at the farm. The farm is small as modern 'farms' go (thousands of acres). There are only two buildings other than the house, both house animals and feed. When not in the barn during bad weather, our flock is out grazing the pastures we've restored over the years, which take up pretty much the rest of the farm.

That means ten years ago, we came to the Appleton Farm Market once a month or so. Then slowly over time, we came more often until a few years ago, when we began bringing the yarns every week for the whole market season. Every Saturday means a packed booth full of bright and beautiful colors to choose from! People love that in a down economy, the yarns come right to them! It is very convenient to pick up some great groceries and beautiful yarn all in one stop!

Now we have expanded into an online store, found on the web. It is here that you can find every skein and every pair of needles we have for sale, and more! The store is huge, with hundreds of skeins! Open 24 hours a day, you can avoid the heat but still get the yarns you dreamed of! Search the yarns either by sheep's name or color, and you'll have fun seeing what there is to choose from. Plus right now, shipping is free!

Our growth may be slow, but we want to assure that our yarns stay the special products they were from the beginning, so that you can depend on that special experience in the making of your projects and in the wearing of the special things you make. Thank you for your continuing support of Wheely Wooly Farm, where we strive to serve you with beautiful 100% Wheelspun Yarns!

You can find our online store at this internet address:

Go ahead and check it out, maybe order some yarns and have them delivered right to your door!

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Wheely Wooly Farm has an amazing crew. We can catch lambs (NOT easy! lol), throw endless bales of hay, fix stuff, shear sheep, hit the road with our booth, and have good laughs with you, our customer