How to spend a nice summer day...

Today was health check day for the flock. Using Swifty, the trusty farm dog, the flock is run up off grazing into a large pen, then into a smaller pen. Here they rest in the shade with cool water while waiting their turn to be caught, checked, and have meds given if needed. Each sheep gets checked. Anybody losing teeth? Too thin? Too fat (lol)? eyes bright, and last, we check their eyelids. Nice pink color there likely means they are doing fine maintaining their health on grazing, pale pink is a caution, and white is...well...not good. Sweetie is now over 11 years old and still has every tooth! Funny the things that make shepherds happy.

It is so good to see each sheep up close and handle their fleece. Penny is like a cloud right now. I could easily shear her again already! Periwinkle was very afraid and is still learning to trust us. Daisy...well...we work super hard with Daisy! lol You have to watch out you don't trip over her! She is very comfortable with us and very easy to 'catch'. And Bobble...well, he tipped his mouth up and took his medicine in such an easy way any human mother would covet! No sheep has ever done that before here, and we all enjoyed him. He's the little guy who rode along to the orthodontist the day he was born, too chilled and scared to leave alone.

With notes in hand and everybody found to be doing well, the gate was opened and off they went back out to graze. Blackberry popped straight up like popcorn on the way out, again making us all laugh at her delight. It was a great way to spend a nice summer day!

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