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New! We have added a nice reference on the side of our website to give you an idea of how much yarn is typically needed for certain types of projects. Yardage is one way, but since our yarns are not changed by going through machinery, we don't rely on that type of measurement. Yardage is estimated for each skein when we wind the yarn off the spinning wheel, so we have a fairly good idea of what the skeins can do for you.

So we put together a handy guide for you. It truly is a guide, not set in stone. There are organizations out there that try to narrow down gauge, needle size and yardage (an indication of machined yarns). These things are quite useful and it's likely we all use such estimations. However, we've found that everyone knits or crochets in a personal sort of way. This causes gauge to be variable. (I'll give a simple explanation of gauge below.) When gauge is variable, people get frustrated when things don't turn out like the numbers say. It is our hope that we can help you with this!

As you gain experience matching needles or hooks with yarn, and making the projects you love, you come to understand your own gauge personality better. That's what we like to call it...gauge personality. Some knit consistently tight. Some knit tight, then loose, then tight again. Others knit really loose. Some knit such consistent gauge, you can't help but gawk and dream! Some knit perfect gauge after a power coffee, but then get frustrated when they knit just before bedtime and their gauge is looser. How do you fix all these problems? By being aware of your gauge personality! If you are working on a small project, gauge can be the gauge of the moment. If you are working on a big project where gauge matters, try to work on it under similar circumstances, like say only in the morning. This will help you become aware of what your gauge personality is, and how to harness it for benefit.

Because we all have a gauge personality, Wheely Wooly Farm is hesitant to give definite numbers of yardage, even if our yarns were machined, which they aren't. However, we do need some kind of guidance so we can be sure to get enough for our projects! So often it happens that people under-estimate what they'll need, then getting the rest of the yarn sometimes becomes difficult. This slows down a project, too...sometimes for years! That's why we created the guide now on our website. This guide has been tested over the last decade, longer actually, and has proven effective in getting just what you need. We do need to say though that this guide is not transferable to yarns other than Wheely Wooly Farm Wheelspun Yarns.

So what is our brief explanation of gauge? Gauge is a combination of how tightly you wrap your yarn in the middle of the stitch (over the working needle), combined with how dexterous you are with your fingers at pulling the yarn through the loop and off the needle. Add the size of the needle, the diameter of the yarn, the size of your previous row of stitch loops, and five simple things suddenly become complicated! Hence, your gauge personality.

We hope our guide will to be useful for your next project so that you don't have the worries of running out of yarn and your project flows smoothly from start to finish! I think every knitter and crocheter has that nightmare always lurking in the shadows of their minds...that they will run out before a project is complete!

So go ahead and hover your mouse over the pink box and let it scare away the knitting sheep! The sheep darts away, and left behind is the guide for you. Move your mouse away, and the sheepish sheep will come back to continue knitting. It's fun! Give it a try and start planning the yarn for your next spring project!

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