Holiday Craft Fair Gratitude

A warm thank you goes out to all who visited us at the Holiday Craft Fair in West Bend yesterday! We enjoyed our day visiting the beautiful Washington County Fair Park. What a great event that was with two whole buildings filled with amazing and quality items! As we glanced around briefly between visitors to our own booth, we marveled at the creativity, talent, and high quality of Wisconsin's producers!

As November progresses, so many are thinking not only of family and giving thanks, but of the joy of making new knit or crochet projects. Truly, the joy of anticipating the next fun project stacks up the already long list of reasons why people love to create garments themselves! Planning colors and stitches is so much a part of the fun! Wheely Wooly Farm makes it easy for you with our beautiful natural colors that ground projects into a comforting realness that appeals to just about everyone.

So as the turkey begins it's thaw in the fridge, or bags are packed for the flight to families afar, so too begins the joy of launching a Wheelspun project! Watch our website home page for a glimpse of how sheep like to celebrate Thanksgiving!