Great Little Stuff!

Not only does Wheely Wooly Farm produce amazing, quality Wheelspun Yarns, but also available are great little things to enhance your projects! Check out the buttons, bows, flowers, headbands, and wrist warmers! Make your project uniquely your own, or create a gift that will leave the recipient wondering how you did it!

Also available are cute headbands. See them on the left? You can see the black one with cute pumpkin flower, but they come in assorted colors. Everybody loves them, young and grown. Pick up a couple for the grandkids, or get one for yourself!

Wheely Wooly Farm inspires those who love to work with wool. Come on down Saturday morning (dress warm...we'd LOVE to see what you've made!) to the market and stock up for the long winter ahead! We'll see you there!