Dot, Splashlyn, Wilbur....

Dozens of 100% Wheelspun Yarns are packed and ready for market in the morning! These skeins are soooo pretty! Dot, Splashlyn, Wilbur, Minty, Poppy, Gwendolyn, and Beatrice are some, but not all, of the skeins coming! Gwennie's natural moorit color is stunning with Poppy's Aquamarine. Poppy's French Lavender is also so beautiful with the moorits! Or pair the bright colors with two natural colors for such amazing harmony! More Tammie is coming as well! Lots of hard work went into the making of the skeins and pretty colors so we hope you will enjoy all they will offer your projects!

Also coming are many patterns...including patterns for babies, hats, sweaters, wrist warmers, wraps, socks, and more!! Plus, our popular handmade wooden knitting needles are coming, too! And don't forget our super pretty NEW wool pin cushions called 'Pin Cups'! The Pin Cups all share the same cushion colors, but have different color bands of Shetland lace around them. Some are black, some the ever so popular silvery gray, and some a very pretty brown. What style they bring to the home!

Also, we have a new Featured Sheep of the week! Who will it be? Don't forget that the Featured Sheep's Wheelspun Yarn is all 10% off (market booth only)!

There are so many pretty things to bring joy to your life! Hurry on down to the market to make your selections early and we'll see you tomorrow!

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