Cute Needles to Brighten Your Projects!

Size 8 Sunshine Yellow Needles with Melon Ball Caps

Wheely Wooly Farm's 100% Wheelspun Yarn is only half the fun! Check out these cute sunshine yellow needles with the bright melon ball caps! Wouldn't they be great with Bobbin's yarn? Actually, they are very cute with several of the yarns currently available! The yellow creates nice contrast with yarn colors to make seeing your stitches super easy. This pair of needles might be the last of the Size 8's that are 9 inches long, but we have several other longer Size 8 available that are 12 inches long, with unpainted shafts.

You can find these needles in our web farm store by clicking on the store link, then hovering over "More" on the drop down menu. Click on needles to find them there. Or, head out to beautiful downtown Appleton Saturday morning and pick them up even faster!

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