Country Apple Green

Penny's Country Apple Green

Ever pick up a beautiful green apple, give it a quick brush, and bite into the juicy white flesh? When savoring the mellow flavors as you chew, do you ever hold the apple out and study it's lovely color?

Green apples have luscious color to them. The peel of the apple has different hues of the gorgeous green, some areas lighter, some darker, but variegated throughout. That's just how Wheely Wooly Farm's Wheelspun Yarn is! Few things in life are one solid color through and through, but rather variegated. Getting that in yarn has taken time, practice, and knowledge. Our success in bringing more natural colorways to the yarn is one of the things that make our yarn so a-peeling. Country Apple Green is one such example. See the variances in color in the photo? Each skein has that lovely and natural look to the color. That translates into very pretty and apeeling projects!

We offer the popular 'Country Apple Green' color in many different sheep! Penny, Beatrice, Misty, Minty, Posie, Poppy, and more, have all had Country Apple Green. Pick up some apeeling yarn for your next project and enjoy more natural hues in your life!

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