Cold = Happy Stitches!

Picking up the gusset stitches

Knitting changes people. So too, does beautiful 100% Wheelspun Yarns! When the cold strikes, and stays...knitters become very happy people! Out come the needles, on goes the relaxing music, and relaxation time begins. The cold fades as warm thoughts drift through our minds as we make the stitches. We think of those we love, those we're making things for. We think of solutions to problems that pop up. We think of the things that make us happy. Our minds relax and become as peaceful as a white landscape blanketed by fluffy snow, with our thoughts chattering pleasantly like chickadees on the branches nearby.

Socks and mittens are great ways to tap into these wonderful moments. Once you learn how to make them, you don't ever want to be without them! In the image above is the making of a pair of moorit socks made with Gwendolyn's yarn. Her rich moorit color has lovely highlights of gold here and there, more subtle now than when she was younger. The heel has been turned here and the second line of gusset stitches are being returned to the needles in preparation for the gusset decreases in the round again. The cuff (where the sock began) is knitted with a couple of rows of bulky multicolored scrap yarn left over from another project. Then the ribbing began, creating an elastic cuff. After that, the relaxing knitting in the round, going around and around began, until the leg part was as long as desired. Then time to make the heel flap, then the turning of the heel, to this point, where the stitches are picked up and the gusset decreases begin.

Haven't learned to make socks yet? Here's through the agony of learning and stick with it. Accept that when new at it, mistakes will be made. Most mistakes won't threaten the integrity of the sock. Keep going. When you've mastered socks, you'll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about. Socks are easy and relaxing. It's a learning process nearly everyone goes through. Stick with it and you'll see.

You can make socks like this one with the Yankee Knitter Classic Sock pattern available in our Web Farm Store. You'll need five ounces of Gwendolyn's beautiful moorit 100% Wheelspun Yarn, and double pointed needles in the gauge you desire (see pattern for details). If you are brand new to sock knitting, plan extra time to read over the pattern and learn. If you know how to knit socks, plan less than a week to make these. If you've used the pattern, the making goes way too fast....we know! Perhaps order enough yarn for two pair in different colors if this describes you.

Don't leave yourself or your loved ones with cold feet this winter! Enjoy the making of high performance, super comfy wool socks and experience how Wheely Wooly Farm is spinning style and performance together just for you!

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