Check, Check, almost check...

The news from the farm is good! Things are progressing in a pleasing way, meaning we are checking things off the list faster than we thought. The roof is fixed, the storm damage to the siding is fixed, and the porch railing is replaced, but not yet painted, due to the frequent rain this weekend. Painting is all that's left there, so after a couple of dry days, that will be done, too.

There are more things to cross off the list before we can get out on the road again with the Wheelspun Yarns, but things are going smoothly. As a small family farm, there are many hats to wear and endless things to do.

Thank you again so much for your patience as we get things done this summer. We miss seeing all of you at the market! Check back here often to see what's news, or if the farm booth will be out at an event or market this summer. Be sure to mark your calendars for our fall dates you won't want to miss, found on the home page of our website!

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Wheely Wooly Farm has an amazing crew. We can catch lambs (NOT easy! lol), throw endless bales of hay, fix stuff, shear sheep, hit the road with our booth, and have good laughs with you, our customer

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