Pretty Motifs made with 100% Wheelspun Yarn

As the summery days begin to shorten and the cricket song lulls us into that wonderful end of summer peace and relaxation, days can start to get...well...boring! Had enough of splashing around in the lake? Tired of picnic food? Ears ringing from all the bands?

We have just the cure for you! While some knitters and crocheters are gearing up for great socks, sweaters, and other warm garments fresh for the new winter to come, others are not ready to dive in yet. So how 'bout something smaller? There are lots of ideas!

Look in any great knitter's or crocheter's reference book and you'll find endless ideas for little things that can be fun and easy to make...things you can later add to your larger projects. Have you ever tried motifs? Ideas are endless here! Circles, hexagons, squares, and so on, can keep you happily working in peace for a long time. Try someone else's patterns or make up your own by combining skills you already have and see what you can create. Wheely Wooly Farm's 100% Wheelspun Yarns are ideal for such fun little projects! Pick from a garden of colors, mix and match, or go monochrome. Either way, fun is waiting for you at the tip of the needles or hook. Check out what's available right now in our online web store or visit our booth at the huge Appleton Farm Market each Saturday morning and Bloom Your Style!

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