Bobbin's Moorit Wheelspun Yarn

Beautiful Bobbin's Moorit 100% Wheelspun Yarn

When it comes to a bright and vivid colors for projects, Wheely Wooly Farm 's got you colored! With a beautiful range of unique and unusual colors, some of which cannot be duplicated with dyes, we carry something special for virtually everyone.

Wheely Wooly Farm provides two types of 100% Wheelspun Yarns for knitters and crocheters: dyed yarns, and natural yarns. The dyed yarns come from lighter-colored sheep. These sheep are of various breeds whose fiber qualities are ideal for all kinds of projects. The natural colors come from our award winning flock of purebred Shetlands. The Shetland colors are rich, vibrant, and very special. They carry a diversity of color, highlights and heathering that make them stand out with exceptional beauty that will last a lifetime.

In the photo above, you can see little Bobbin's rich moorit yarn. She is a young purebred Shetland ewe who is Bobble's twin. As some of you know, Bobble is the little guy who made the trip to town for a dental appointment the day he was born, to ensure he'd survive (and he did!). Bobbin was up and very strong, giving her mother plenty to do right away! These twin sheep have given us all the most lovely colors of yarn! Bobbin will lighten each time she is sheared to a light gray eventually, although that is not certain...for we are always guessing how it will go! For now, her yarn is an incredible deep chocolate color with just a touch of lighter highlights starting to come through. Because she is young, and fairly small, she does not provide a ton of yarn. If you love Bobbin's yarn, but cannot get a skein or two, try Tammie. Tammie's fleece is similar and shares the rich moorit color.

Amazing projects that will make you pleased and proud are made with a range of secrets. Don't forget the importance of fiber quality and color to make your projects so special, they will be loved for a lifetime! Order your yarn from Bobbin today by clicking on our web farm store link below to enter our shopping cart. Then click on or hover over 'Natural Yarns' on the drop down menu to see the names of sheep that are currently available in natural colors. Find Bobbin's name on the list, click on her name to see the skeins, then click on the skeins you'd like to put in your shopping cart today! It's not only easy, it's fun! Or, visit our farm market booth in lovely Downtown Appleton Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. See you there!

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