Beautiful Wraps

Gwendolyn's Beautiful Wrap

Looking for a way to stay warm and still feel pretty? Wheely Wooly Farm has you covered! This gorgeous wrap is an example of what you can make with 100% Wheelspun Yarns. With the help of our EXCLUSIVE Wrap Pattern (only $4.95), and our size 13 Wrap Needles (many pretty colors to choose from, $13.95), you can make a pretty wrap that will bring you comfort and style for a lifetime!

Choose from any natural colored yarns or dyed yarns for any color combinations! The options are endless! There are so many pretty pairings, it might be a challenge just picking. Once you get past that, you'll enjoy the process of making such a special garment, for it will keep you warm whether you are at your computer, visiting, or relaxing with a good book. Add on our Ready-to-Attach Buttons, Bows or 'Flora From Fauna' Flowers for an even prettier effect!

The pattern comes with easy directions, plus seven different variations you can try to make your wrap unique to you. Try one, or try them all! You'll be so glad you did.

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