Baby Yarn

Many decades have passed with ideals of what a a baby yarn should be. But like many things these days, we've come to understand much more about health and sustainability. Things have changed.

In a decade of yarn sales, we've asked customers what they like most about Wheelspun Yarn in baby items. The responses have amazed us, as the yarns were used for things we hadn't thought of in the early years! We've put together here a short compilation of what knitters and crocheters have told us.

What we hear back most often is how cute the projects look when finished, and how nice it is to work with in the making! Working with smaller garments can be challenging, especially if the yarn is tight. Wheelspun Yarns eliminate those problems! Natural ease is one of the hidden treasures in Wheelspun Yarns. This comes from our hand-selected wool sheep, and the process of how we make the yarn.

We also hear back on how nice it is to dress babies and toddlers in Wheelspun Yarn. Ever try to pull tight clothes onto a small child or baby? Another problem eliminated! Our yarns have comfortable ease which not only makes dressing children easier, they will not confine movements like tighter fabrics do. Greater movement brings many assets to a child's well-being!

There's more! Clothes and blankets made with Wheelspun Yarn do not get as dirty as fast, do not stain so easily from spit-ups, and are very easy to wash. We hear over and over how much children LOVE to snuggle with their blankets! Plus, sweaters and blankets are not only insulating of warmth, helping to reduce cold stress for small children, but wool also allows delicate young skin to breathe. Healthy skin is so important for small children...actually for all of us!

Wheelspun Wool Yarns bring many hidden treasures to the making and wearing of things made with it!!

Order or pick up yarn for your next baby or toddler project either from our Web Farm Store or from our market booth Saturday mornings in October. Don't forget to make a toy to go with the sweater or blanket! Wheelspun Yarn makes absolutely charming toys! Patterns for toys are all the rage right now. Pick from just about anything, match Wheelspun Yarn to the garment or blanket, and create a keepsake the child in your life just might treasure all of their lives!

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