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With cold weather just around the corner, fall is a time of preparation. vehicles get stocked with winter emergency gear, home furnaces get inspected, pantries are stuffed with snowy night treats, and winter coats are pulled out of storage. It's wise to plan ahead. Yet one area still not much on the list in planning ahead is health.

Did you know that being cold is added stress to your body? While it's not the sole reason for illness, cold stress definitely contributes to a decline in health. One thing you can do to prepare ahead to lessen the impact of cold stress in your family is to build wool into your wardrobes. Wool is an excellent insulator that absorbs moisture and odor away from skin. Wheely Wooly Farm's 100% Wheelspun Yarns are designed to be very effective in holding in warmth, while providing a high comfort value in ease of movement. These desirable qualities come from our hand-selected wool sheep, and our unique spinning techniques. Cold stress can be easily eradicated by building garments made with Wheelspun Yarns into your daily winter living!

How does one do that? First, think of the places where you feel the coldest, most often. Ask your kids where they feel they cannot stay warm. Based on those realizations, start building warmth one garment at a time. Cold at the computer? A wide neck wrap or larger shoulder wrap is ideal. Cold feet any time of day? You'll definitely want socks! Or maybe just your wrists and hands get cold. Wrist warmers will easily remedy that problem, especially for those doing homework in cold schools or practicing an instrument.

Being warm means less stress on the body, and is a proven means to staying healthier. The ability to fight off illness translates into less loss of work/school time, and less expense in health care. Wool is a GREAT value for these reasons and more!

As you ready your home and vehicles for the snowy cold ahead, don't forget your health! Don't put your family through unnecessary cold stress this winter. Take the time to prepare now for healthier days ahead. You'll be so glad you did!

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