A Great New Look!

As the 2018 Summer Farm Market draws to a close tomorrow morning, Wheely Wooly Farm's website is sporting a brand new look! Yes, that's right...tomorrow is the LAST market day in which you can pick up your yarn on The Avenue! Let's hope the wind stays a bit calmer than last week, although it may rain again. We'll be there unless it's a big washout. If that happens, we will need to pack up so be sure to watch the radar and get out to The Avenue when things are quiet!

(We are bringing ONE last Scarf Gift Box, now a discontinued item. The yarn color is Indian Paintbrush, named for a wildflower. Normally priced at $28.95, we have marked it down 20% to just $23.18! This is your last chance to get one, so come early! Plus, there is one pair of Size 13 Needles that are 12 inches long...the pair meant for the making of these scarves. They have very pretty Ocean Blue ball caps, and would make a great gift with the Scarf Gift Box!)

Back to the website...we hope you will enjoy the portrait -like qualities of our new picture presentation! Click on a sphere for a closer look, description, and if applies, a link for more information. All rotating photos were taken by us, including the Bobolink. That nesting pair raised a brood right here on our farm's pasture back in June, which delighted us to no end! We've since learned that Bobolinks are in decline and there is much worry about them...once a common bird in this part of Wisconsin. The sighting of this bird, and the witnessing of what it takes to support such a beautiful creature...well....changed everything! It was the final affirmation we needed to prove our farming choices were good ones.

Every purchase of yarn made is supporting so much more than just a farm. It's supporting the future. We humbly say, thank you.

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