A G-R-E-A-T Value!

How much should one skein of yarn cost? Thirties? Forties? FIFTIES?!? Ever try on $60. socks? Eighty dollar mittens? Hundred dollars anyone?

We don't think so!

Wheely Wooly Farm's 100% Wheelspun Yarns are farm raised from carefully selected wool sheep, hand processed, and lightly spun on a modern wheel by experienced spinners right on the farm to bring fantastic quality, workability and wearability to each and every skein. Yet, you will find all kinds of yarn out there that is either handspun or factory made for a much heftier price! Why is that?

There is no good reason!

Wheely Wooly Farm's commitment to you is that you shouldn't have to break the bank to make a nice project! Our reasonable prices, variety of colors (both natural and dyed), and exceptional quality come together like a beautiful garden so that you may Bloom Your Style! Enjoy this G-R-E-A-T value by ordering your yarn and launch your next beautiful project today!

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Wheely Wooly Farm has an amazing crew. We can catch lambs (NOT easy! lol), throw endless bales of hay, fix stuff, shear sheep, hit the road with our booth, and have good laughs with you, our customer

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