Wanna know a secret? Us girls...the flock out here on the farm...think you'll find knitting or crocheting with our Wheelspun Yarns a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Why? Wheelspun Yarns retain the sought after characteristics of our fleeces, which bring amazingly light and responsive handle-ability to your stitches! These qualities make it easier for you to make beautiful stitches, while preventing fatigue from setting in. Make prettier fabrics and knit longer! Yes, that's right! Our yarns will bring you hours of joy. Us girls out here on the farm can vouch for that!

Head on over to the web farm store by clicking on the link below and order your amazing yarn from the flock today!

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Wheely Wooly Farm has an amazing crew. We can catch lambs (NOT easy! lol), throw endless bales of hay, fix stuff, shear sheep, hit the road with our booth, and have good laughs with you, our customer