PomPoms, Tassels, Buttons, Flowers and Bows!

Embellish your projects old and new with these fun enhancements from Wheely Wooly Farm!  Each is handmade of 100% Wheelspun Yarn, with ties on the back for fast and easy attaching.  Pillows, hats, wraps, sweaters, mittens, socks, half-mitts, scarves, blankets, home decor, headbands.....add to anything that sparks your creativity!

Available only in our booth at the Appleton Farm Market Saturday mornings

Price List

Pom Poms      $2.50 ea.

Flowers           $2.50 ea.

Bows                $2.50 ea.

Tassels     Two for $2.50

Buttons    Two for $2.50

Assorted colors vary weekly!

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