Wheely Wooly farm has come to gain a deep understanding of the link between human activity and birds.  Over a period of fourteen years, we have made choices that are not always understood, but that we believed would be of benefit to lives well beyond our own.

Still, it greatly surprised us when this Bobolink male was bringing food to his babies in a ground nest in our pasture last June.   This farm is small.  Could such a small farm really make any difference, we wondered?  We then learned how these birds were once common, but are now known to be declining rapidly due to loss of habitat and food sources.

Seeing this bird was amazing.  He and his mate raised a brood in our grasses, right there amidst the sheep.  It's quiet there, with little disruption.  The sheep didn't bother them.  There appeared to be ample food.  We felt it was the final affirmation we needed in understanding the positive effect we've had, at a time when things are dramatically changing.  Sheep are good for birds, and so are the methods we use in managing our pastures.

Inspired by this beautiful pair of Bobolinks, we've decided to create some groups of 100% Wheelspun Yarns for other bird lovers out there who also believe in the need for action, to make a difference.  In perfect timing for the holidays, here is the start of our bird-inspired bundles.  Sheep and birds go together!  Your support of small farms like ours does make a difference!   We are pleased to say that all the fledglings in the Bobolink's nest appeared to make it to flight, and we hope that someday, they will return to nest here again.

Male Bobolink

Bobolink Bird Bundle

Be inspired to create something special with the Bobolink Colorway upon which, when finished, will forever be referred to with the memory of Bobolinks.

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