About Amy

Knowing from early childhood that farming was all she ever wanted, Amy Hoitink turned her passion for farm living, sheep, and spinning into Wheely Wooly Farm in 2008.  After completing a degree in a non-farming field, and living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Amy spent several years working and looking for a farm to call home.  Upon successful purchase of one in 2004, Amy wasted no time in dedicating her life to the loving care of an amazing collection of sheep, each hand selected.

In the years that followed, the farm grew, as did the number of people returning for more Wheelspun Yarn.  In 2009, after careful selection of a foundation ram, Amy won her first ever livestock competition in a very big way, coming home with Grand Champion Ram for the entire Midwest!  Since then, her flock has won numerous ribbons in many areas and there has been no looking back!

Today, Wheely Wooly Farm has become known for amazing yarns for knitting, crocheting, and wearing, unlike any you'll find anywhere else.  With the development of a land management program as well as a commitment to the care of the sheep, the farm's yarns bloom with an elegant pairing of style and performance perfect for today's sophisticated lifestyles! 

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