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Find Penny and Poppy singing about everybody wanting to rule the world.   Check out the 1980's music video they learned here to watch it!

Tears for Fears 

Beautiful Yarn Straight From The Farm

Great for the whole family!

Bright with the colors of spring, this package is ideal for socks or mittens or wrist warmers!  Included are two skeins of Misty's Country Apple Green (2.4 oz. each) and one skein of Rosebud's Blue Frost (1.3 oz.) added for trim or embellishment.  

Yarn is 100% Wheelspun Wool.  Ships U.S. Post Office Priority mail.  

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Need a great sock pattern?  Try Socks for the Family by Yankee Knitter Designs, found in our store!

Under orders to stay home?  First, please stay safe and healthy!  Then what?  Let's get out the knitting needles and crochet hooks!  We can't wait! If you and your family are passing the time and getting bored, or looking for something special to do while at home, look no further!  Wheely Wooly Farm has bright, beautiful yarns to bring cheer to your days!  What a perfect time to create a special project or two as we strive to stop this virus in it's tracks. Enjoy some good projects that you can share about for many years to come when remembering this incredible time in American History.  

Wheely Wooly Farm has been producing quality Wheelspun yarns for over a decade!

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You can now purchase 100% Wheelspun Yarns, sold by Sheep's Name right here!  In the menu above, you'll find the word Shop.  Click it to see the pretty yarns ready and waiting for you. The shopping bag is your cart.  It will show how many items you have put in it.  There is also a mini cart feature, so you can see what you've already put in the cart.


Have fun with this new online shopping experience, and if you have any questions, please email us to the address below.



Some of you remember our old blog.  We've decided to bring it back for awhile, so old posts can be remembered and enjoyed.  If you are new to Wheely Wooly Farm, you can learn more about who we are.  It's entertaining reading, especially in the early days!    Find it here at:


Meet Dot!  She's a Wooly Bear lamb, all grown up now.  She'd like to bring cheer in these trying times, by assisting you in finding 100% Wheelspun Yarns for your next project!  You'll find Dot waiting for you in our store, when it opens!

How Much Yarn Do I Need To Make...



We support grassland birds through our farming practices.

Male Bobolink

A declining grassland bird

Source your connection to nature while living in the world's most beautiful cities through your mobile devices.  

IMarketmMMar Market a parag

Help Wanted:  Wheely Wooly Farm is looking for quality grass hay in small squares, produced by a farm committed to cutting hay only after grassland birds have finished nesting in summer.  If you or someone you know produces such hay, and would like to help support the sheep that produce all of the beautiful yarns, please send us an email.

Wheely Wooly Farm is located in Omro, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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Bobolinks nesting in our pasture!

Wheely Wooly Farm's grazing practices help provide habitat and food for declining grassland birds.